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Riding in Tasmania

Perhaps the most important thing to remember for a riding trip to Tasmania is to be prepared for all weather. The climate varies in different parts of the state, and conditions can change suddenly.

It is wise to consider weather patterns, check the local forecast and be aware that temperatures drop at altitude.

If you are comfortable, then you will enjoy the ride.


Bringing your own bike?

Not hiring a classic .... oh, the horror!

As you pause to check your gear at the Devonport Terminus, consider breakfast at the cafe's, just down the road, or ride to the bluff for a self catered breakfast on the barbeques there.

There are service stations just around the corner, so take the time to fill the tank and check your tyres before you begin.


Ride Safely

This video is a must see, for anyone thinking of riding in Tasmania. Just watch it !



Motorcycle riding in Tasmania



Ace Cafe's

ETC cafe and bakery at Elisabeth Town has motorcycle parking at the door!

The 50's Diner at Deloraine is a retro experience not to be missed.

Moto Vecchia in Rosny Park, Hobart is a great place to stop for a meal and coffee, and is literally wall to wall motorcycles!


Service station hours

Be aware that not all towns in Tasmania will have a service station, or that you might not find one open after hours in some locations.
Generally though, there will be a card activated pump where you can quench your thirst for fuel.


Roadside Assistance

Should your own bike need to be rescued, we reccommend that you speak to Carolynn at Tasmanian Motorcycle Transport.

Ph 6423 1555, Mob 0401 160 144





Diversion Activities

There are many excellent activities to combine with a leisurely motorcycling tour in Tasmania. For many it's 'about the ride', but there is much to see and do if you want to explore deeper.

You may wish to taste some of our fine food's, explore in the wilds, or find some local crafts. Speak with us when you hire a classic, and we'll provide some suggestions for you.


Returning to Devonport

There are many excellent riding roads to explore within easy reach of Devonport. If you find yourself with a spare day at the end of your trip, call us for a guided tour of our favourite rides.