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Honda CB750 Supersport



This 1978 Honda Supersport is comfortable to ride, smooth through the gears and a joy on the open road and through the corners.

Kickstart and electric start

Best suited to the slightly taller rider, an ideal bike for 1-2 up extended day riding.





Day Rate: $180


Honda CB750 K2



A mildly customised 1973 'K2' series bike with period aftermarket wheels and modern 4 into 1 exhaust.

This bike has been beautifully restored with a rebuilt engine and is guaranteed to put a smile on your dial.

Best suited to day rides in the local area, and ideal for average height riders.






Day Rate: $210


Honda CB550K



A very nice unrestored 550K with original 4 into 4 exhausts.

This bike is light, low to the ground and comfortable. A pleasure to ride through twisty roads

Suitable for P Platers and average to smaller height riders on single to multi-day trips.





Day Rate: $170





The R80 is a smooth and dependable 1985 model with improved rear suspension offered by the monoshock introduced in this year.

Easy to manage, ideal for one up riding and fully capable of comfortable pillion travel.

Suited for day riding and equipped with panniers for extended trips





Day Rate: $170





The R100S is a slightly taller and heavier workhorse built for all day highway travel.

This 1978 model has the original ATE brake system and twin rear shocks

Ideal for extended rides, pillion and multi night travel.

A heavier bike than the R80, so bring your muscles with you.
The R100S is an all round ton of fun.





Day Rate: $180


BMW K100



This locally built 1985 K100 Cafe is the perfect choice for the 1-up rider looking for the Cafe experience.

It's surprisingly comfortable and smooth to ride, and comes with optional compact panniers for overnighters.

Perfect for a blast down the Frankford Highway to Burt Munros Motorcyle Cafe.





Day Rate: $170